Geek Generation Begins

Hello everybody. Welcome to Geek Generation. In this blog, i post about my personal gaming stuff. I blog at, but since nothing much interesting is happening in my life these days, i decided to start a blog to pen down my thoughts on gaming stuff. I’ll still blog at lbandit if i manage to think of anything interesting to write, but all gaming related stuff comes here.

I wanted the blog name geekgeneration in the url. But it’s been used. Geekgen was reserved. I decided to go with l33t speak and decided on G33k Generation for that extra dose of geekiness. Probably throughout the lifespan of the blog i’ll be referring to it as G33k or Geek interchangeably.

How did the name Geek Generation come about?

Well, i wanted a name that had the acronym GG, which as a gaming lingo means ‘good game’. I’ll use a little back story for how i decided to use the name Geek Generation. At this time, i’m pretty interested in Korean variety show, Running Man. In several of the eppys, the guests were the Korean girl group SNSD members. And yes, another name for SNSD is Girl Generation. Anyway, i eventually became fascinated with SNSD and decided that Geek Generation would be a good name to use. For guild names and stuff in games. And of course, blog name.

Ok so much for now. Cya all soon.


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