Duel of Champions: My Inferno deck

This is Geek Generation, good morning everyone. You can read my first post about Duel of Champions here.

Duel of Champions has a singles purchase system called the Wildcard system. Wildcards are earned in-game by opening boosters, or purchasing boxes of boosters. This allows players to obtain the cards they want without depending on the favors of RNG gods (random number generation). If you’re not purchasing alot of boosters via real cash, then wildcards become a rather precious currency. And if you’re new to Duel of Champions, you might be wondering what to spend your wildcards on.

My recommendation is to get four Pao Deathseeker. At a cheap five wildcards each, getting a set of four requires only twenty wildcards. Once you have your set of Pao Deathseeker, it’s going to be useful in almost every deck that you have.

– Pao Deathseeker, 3/0/1, 3 mana 3 might, neutral melee, Immune to Retaliation, Quick Attack, At end of your turn, kill Pao Deathseeker.

Pao Deathseeker’s Quick Attack allows it to act as a good board control by dealing three damage to a creature while offering the flexibility of dealing three directly to the opponent hero if there are unprotected lanes. The best attribute on the card is its neutral status, allowing all decks to use it, makes it a great supplement to heroes that have poor access to single target board control.


Here’s the Inferno decklist which i’ve been using, which is basically the starter deck with some upgrades. It’s been pretty good bringing me from ELO 0 to ELO 1001. But it’ll probably need some changes and better cards too if i’m to break the ELO 1100 ceiling.

Garant Seeker of Discord

4 x Maniac
1 x Dark Assassin
4 x Succubus
3 x Demented
3 x Juggernaut
1 x Cerebus
3 x Hellfire Cerberus
2 x Lesser Air Elemental
2 x Lilim
2 x Ravager
1 x Lashing Lilim

4 x Firebolt
2 x Dispel Magic
3 x Teleport
3 x Town Portal
4 x Fireball
2 x Altar of Destruction
4 x Twist of Fate
2 x Chaos Rift

4 x Day of Fortune
4 x Week of Weaponsmiths

There are some weird quantities in the deck, like one Dark Assassin. That’s because i just happened to chance into one from a booster and one is all i have. Ideally, a full set of Dark Assassins are required in the deck.

When i first played the game, i didn’t think much of Juggernauts and Ravagers. But after encountering it a couple of times, i’m convinced of its beefy power. Together with its four health, it becomes a threat that is rather hard to kill in the early turns.

Sweep mechanic proves to be less useful at ELO 1001 and above as opponents are already typically playing with your fireball in mind and spacing the creatures accordingly. Altar of Destruction offers utility against the mirror by allowing you to hide cards that you’re not ready to use yet from the opponent’s Twist of Fate.

The single most useful addition to the deck would be Hellfire Maniac.

– Hellfire Maniac, 3/0/5, 5 mana 5 might, Inferno melee, Enemy creatures in the same row as Hellfire Maniac gain Berserk, After Hellfire Maniac is attacked, deal 4 damage to the attacking creature.

Basically, Hellfire Maniac borrows creature mechanics from other factions thus providing utility that is not normally found in Inferno faction. Translated, Hellfire Maniac effectively has Retribution and a stronger version of Hypnotize (stronger because the opponent loses the choice of not attacking with the hypnotized creature) and it’s not even rare. I’ll say Hellfire Maniac is a compulsory four of in every Inferno deck, including creature-less decks.

Ok so much for now.


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