Hearthstone: First Impression

Hello people, this is Geek Generation. My motherboard died last week, took me quite awhile to get a new one up and running again, but now i’m back.

I managed to get my hands on a Hearthstone beta key and have been trying it out after i got my computer working again. First thing i noticed about the game, read on its news page rather, is that there is a cap on the amount of gold you can earn, from play mode, from playing the game. Incidentally, for free players, this means there’s no point in sitting in front of the computer to play the entire day. But the cap is sufficiently large that players with one to two hours of play time daily would be unlikely to hit it.

The other two modes is practice and arena mode. Practice mode doesn’t earn you gold and is only good for leveling up your hero cards. You need to level up your hero cards to collect free hero specific cards. The arena mode is the tournament mode for Hearthstone and is unlocked by unlocking all ten hero cards. Once unlocked, the first entry is free. Entry fee is 150 gold at time of blogging.

Once entering an Arena tourney, you get to pick a card from three semi-random cards (you don’t keep the cards for your constructed decks). Picking the card, gives you your first card for your arena tourney. Then another three semi-random cards are presented and you pick from it. You pick cards in this way until you have a total of 30 cards which becomes your deck for the Arena tourney. You’re tourney run ends when you’ve accumulated three losses. I think rewards are probabilities calculated based on your number of wins. You can earn gold, arcane dust and even booster packs.

You can leave and return (quit application, reboot computer, reformat hard disk etc) at any time during the drafting process or in between matches. Though if you leave during a match itself, you accumulate a loss.

I think you get a quest every day (not sure if you still get the quest if you do not log in for the day) and can accumulate up to three quests. For most players, quests are the source of income. If, like me, you’re an average player with some experience in CCG competitive tourneys, my advice is to not spend any gold to buy booster packs. Spend it on Arena’s entry fees since you can get boosters and arcane dust from the Arena. You can level up your heroes in the Arena too.

Deck size is 30 cards, not counting the hero card. Maximum number of same-named copies of cards in a deck is two, except legendaries, which is one. The card pool is not huge, but there are ripe possibilities available to Hearthstone. If Blizzard so chooses, they could go the way of their upcoming moba and include lore from their other games like Diablo and Starcraft. Who won’t want to play Sarah Kerrigan as the heroine : D


First impression of the game is Star_FullStar_FullStar_FullStar_FullStar_Empty.


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