Hearthstone: No provision for Arena draft report

Hello everybody, welcome back to Geek Generation.

One problem with Hearthstone is that there are no logs for both the draft and the play, which makes blogging and analysis pretty hard. Regardless i decided to pen down my picks in one of the Arena tourneys to blog about it. However i decided to discard everything i have written. Simply posting all my choices of 90 cards would become an impenetrable wall of text.

Ideally, i want my post on the draft to look like the way i did for Magic the Gathering (back when i played it), with a small picture for every card. So until provisions for such format of blogging avails itself, i will not be doing any draft reports for Hearthstone Arena.

I’ve been getting abysmal two win records for the last two Arena tourney. I think the abysmal record has less to do with my play skill than my draft choices. The only way my record can improve is through more practice, but the daily quest gives only 40 gold, so it takes around three days to earn enough gold for the entrance fee of an Arena tourney. Not the way to go to get more experience : D

Ok so much for now. Stay tight.


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