Hearthstone: Mage Control (budget)

Geek Generation, at your service.

After posting an aggro deck list, i thought i’ll post my Mage control deck. My Mage control is an even more budget deck, with only two cards that require arcane dust. Total deck costs a total of only 80 arcane dust.

2 x Mirror Image
2 x Arcane Explosion
2 x Frostbolt
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Frost Nova
2 x Fireball
2 x Polymorph
2 x Flamestrike

2 x Novice Engineer
2 x Sorcerer’s Apprentice (40 ea.)
2 x Gnomish Inventor
2 x Ogre Magi
2 x Sen’jin Shieldmasta
2 x Water Elemental
2 x Lord of the Arena

Counting Mirror Image as creatures, only slightly more than half the deck are creatures. If you’re playing a deck like this, for most part of the game you’d just be trying to stem your opponent’s tide of creatures. The deck revolves around an oversimplified formula: the more times you play the Mage ability, Fireblast, the more likely you’d win. To win with this deck, you have to endure into late game where you can Flamestrike and plop down Lord of the Arena using speed bumps like Mirror Image and Frost Nova to delay the opponent.

As far as possible, Fireball should be reserved for damaging the opponent directly. Water Elementals are vital against heroes that sport attacks or weapons as they can freeze the opponent’s hero. Do not hesitate to throw a Frostbolt to freeze a huge creature for a turn or even the hero if an attack from the enemy hero would devastate you. And always be very wary of creatures with Windfury. As you’re going to be taking lots of damage from the early and mid game, a pumped up minion with Windfury can easily deal two digit damage to seal the game.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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