Hearthstone: Spending your first 80 arcane dust

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In my earlier post on Hearthstone, i mentioned that the better way to spend gold in Hearthstone was to spend it in the Arena, paying for the entrance fees. The entrance fees for a run in the Arena is 150 gold. Even if you score zero wins, you still get a pack. Thus, the actual fees can be considered as only 50 gold. Zero wins also nets you 25 gold as rewards. So if you’re counting by gold instead of arcane dust, it boils down to just paying 25 gold or less for the chance to play in the Arena and gain some experience in it.

As long as you get atleast one win, you’ll get a chance to win arcane dust. While you can get arcane dust by disenchanting cards, if you’re a collector like me, you’d want to only disenchant extra cards. Disenchanting a common card only nets five arcane dust. So it’ll be quite a while before you readily get extra cards to disenchant by opening packs. The more efficient way to earn arcane dust is definitely by playing in the Arena.

Since arcane dust is a somewhat precious currency (it’s precious as long as you don’t own everything that you want), you’d want to spend carefully and buy cards that are the best value for the dust.

I’ll be considering only common cards in this post.

If you’re undecided on which class you like to play alot with, or if you like to spend your time playing a little of each class, then the best buy would be strong neutral cards, since neutral cards can be used by every class. And in my opinion, the best neutral card is the Harvest Golem.

The Harvest Golem can make its way into almost any kind of deck. Its staying power provides a card advantage that is strong against both aggro and control decks. Comparing it with a Razorfen Hunter, its add can live through a Warlock’s Hellfire, which makes it rather annoying to play against.

After getting a set of Harvest Golem, other good investments could include:
Abusive Sergent
Leper Gnome
Dire Wolf Alpha
Faerie Dragon
Loot Hoarder
Mad Bomber
Dark Iron Dwarf
Silver Hand Knight

Though i’ll say go for Dire Wolf Alpha, Spellbreaker and Silver Hand Knight first. Ok so much for now. Spend wisely ^.^


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