Guild Wars 2: Shiverpeaks Explorer Achievement

Hello everybody. Geek Generation is not going to talk about CCG today. Well, i do play more than just CCG.

In Guild Wars 2, there’s an explorer achievement where the player has to visit all the places available on the specified maps in the Guild Wars 2 world. The maps included for the Shiverpeaks Explorer achievement are Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls and Frostgorge Sound.

Before my Guild Wars 2 hiatus, my Shiverpeaks Explorer was at 173/175. You would’ve think that getting the 100% map completion achievement would mean you’ve explored all the possible places. But that wasn’t the case. Some of the places are so out of the way from the normal hearts, waypoints, vistas and points of interests that they are never encountered or traveled to during the course of the 100% map completion.

When i came back to playing Guild Wars 2, i still wasn’t paying the achievement any mind until i noticed one of the changes to the ui. On the achievement page, there’s a column in the table that displays the nearly completed achievements and it was clogging up with the explorer achievements. So i decided to try to finish up all the explorer achievements beginning with the Shiverpeaks Explorer.

I looked through the list of jumping puzzles available in Shiverpeaks and visted all the ones that i’ve never attempted before. That brought my Shiverpeaks Explorer up by one to 174/175. After googling abit more, i found that i was missing the Forsaken Halls in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. To get to this place, requires entering a dwarven gate near the Wyrmblood waypoint.


The red arrow shows the location of the dwarven gate, which is just west of Wyrmblood waypoint. When you arrive at the dwarven gate, the gate is closed. Interact with it, and it’ll tell you to head to the Travelen’s Steading to look for Gerrvid, pointed to by the blue arrow. Finding Gerrvid in the steading, he tells you to read three books lying around him. Read all three and talk to him again and tell him you’ve solved the riddle (You don’t have to actually solve any).

This starts an escort mission. When you’ve successfully escorted Gerrvid to the dwarven gate, the gate opens and you can enter the portal to Forsaken Halls. Shiverpeaks Explorer 175/175. Yay.

Extra (spoiler alert): Gerrvid’s quest line.

Gerrvid’s quest line continues on into Forsaken Halls. It can be quite annoying at the jumping part, i died like around ten times doing the jumps. Fortunately you don’t have to waypoint if you die in there, you’ll just pop back to the start point. The first thing to do is to grab a torch from the fire. Just follow Gerrvid while holding the torch. There doesn’t seem much to do other than healing.

If the big red circle appears, indicating falling rocks, avoid it. It’ll snuff out your torch and the shadow skelks will start attacking you. So avoid the falling rocks, especially at the jumping portion. The quest line ends with a nasty skelk boss. Not sure if it’s solo-able at the levels 40 to 50, Dredgehaunt Cliff’s levels. To fight the boss, ditch the torch and fight it with your normal skills. Fight it at a light source so the other shadow skelks don’t come at you.

Also, choose a light source that does not have a trap nearby. Or the boss skelk’s tail swipe would prove rather annoying, if not deadly.


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