Hearthstone: Patch 13th Jan

Hello everyone, Geek Generation is back again. Usually i’d give a few days in between each post. But since Hearthstone is releasing a patch soon, i’d talk about one or two of the upcoming balance changes.

First off, recently, i’ve been seeing alot of Warlock aggro decks running Blood Imps and Sylvanas Windrunner in almost every deck. So i guess it’s kind of expected a nerf was coming their way. Not much for me to mind about since i don’t have those cards anyway.

Novice Engineer (Battlecry: Draw a card.) is going to be nerfed into a 1/1. It’s such a great aggro stopper at 1/2 that it’s good in every kind of deck, from aggro to control. The problem with the nerf tho is that it hurts control decks more than it hurts aggro decks. Aggro decks are going to switch to Loot Hoarder or even just play a plain 3/2 vanilla with little disruption to their original plans. Control decks however do not have any good substitute. The closest that i can think of is Argent Squire (imagine the divine shield as a card draw into another 1/1 rofl) which pales in comparison to the old Novice Engineer.

The most disappointing change is Warsong Commander (Your other minions have Charge.) reworked as: Whenever you play a minion with 3 or less Attack, give it Charge. It is one of those cards that lets Warriors turn the tide in a game. By itself, it’s a legitimate threat. Like how you’d kill a Starving Buzzard on sight. With the change, the threat represented by the card dropped drastically. And if Blizzard was really concerned about OTK (one turn kill), they should’ve reworked Molten Giant instead of Warsong Commnader. 8/8 for zero mana is simply a recipe for abuse even with Warsong Commander changes. Players will always be looking at Molten Giant to see what they can do with it.

That’s all i have to say regarding the patch. This is Geek Generation, till the next time, have fun.


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