Hearthstone: DC but no reconnection, maintenance but no warning

Welcome back to Geek Generation, i know, it’s not more than a day, but the title says it all.

I was just playing Hearthstone Areana, finishing up my fourth win (after two losses). The opponent had conceded and emoted “Thank you” to me. I thought it polite to reply with a “Thank you” emote and i did, quickly, before the match locks out. And lo behold, i was disconnected after sending the thank you, apparently there was going to be a maintenance in 10 minutes. PST time was 0249 and maintenance was scheduled for 0300. Yes, it wasn’t the scheduled time yet ><

I'm left wondering whether the win was recorded or i would log back in after the maintenance to discover that i've finished the Arena with three losses, counting my last win as a disconnection, hence loss. I know, i didn't read the message of the day in small text. But when i want to play a game, i just sit down and log in to play. Do i have to check when's the next maintenance scheduled? Imagine you went to the movies, bought a ticket and when you tried to enter the cinema, lo behold, your movie time was scheduled for maintenance!

It's not like Blizzard does not have the data for estimating the average time for a match. The game could've stopped me from starting a new match, or at least warn that there might not be enough time to complete the match. Utterly disappointing in this aspect.

Which also makes me wonder about something really peculiar in this game. Since disconnection results in losses, why can't Blizzard let us log back into the match? I know, disconnection has to result in a loss, it prevents abuse from players since if it doesn't result in losses players would simply disconnect their internet whenever they're going to lose to preserve their win streak. But i'm not asking for disconnection to not be counted as a loss. I'm asking for reconnection back into the match to resume.

Sigh, i only hope i didn't lose my Arena streak : ( Geek Generation out.

Update: It was recorded as a win fortunately.


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