Guild Wars 2: The Origin of Madness (Marionette)

Hello everybody, this is Geek Generation.

Guild Wars 2’s new Living Story content, The Origin of Madness, is released today. Just had my first attempt on the Marionette. Here’s a brief run down on what happens and what to do.

The wurm and the marionette event ocurs at every alternate hour. So at the hour mark, if it’s not the marionette happening, it’s the wurm then.

With the marionette, there are five lanes. When you arrive, pick up the new waypoint and choose a lane to go to. Once you’ve picked it, there’s no switching of lanes. But one lane is as good as another. Commanders would likely tag up and try to organize things to ensure that lanes are not undermanned.

The lanes have two parts that matter. The part which ends in a wall, which is also the player portal to enter to the Marionette room. The player portal is not active and will not be usable until it charges up. The other part of the lane that matter is the opening of the lane, that is the opening from which you walk into the lane. When the event starts, an npc portal will appear at the opening and start spawning giant clockwork champions. The clockwork champions will start to move toward the player portal, picking up speed as it goes, until it’s actually running.

For this phase of the event, players have to kill the clockwork champions as quickly as possible to prevent them from reaching the player portal, which i assume will charge the marionette and cause it to fire a laser to kill everyone instantly, and thus fail in the event. While this champion clockwork killing is going on, the player portal charges up.

Once the player portal is fully charged, the tunnel walls of the lane will start displaying arrows pointing toward the player portal. At that point, drop everything that you’re doing and head to the player portal, interact with it to enter the marionette room. Not sure if it should be called the marionette room since i don’t see the marionette itself. In the room, is another champion. The champion’s aoe are not the traditional red, but avoid them all the same.

Once in the room, kill the champion and once the champion is dead, destroy the marionette’s chain link. Which should be something one part of the wall. We weren’t successful tho, since not many players entered the room.

At this point, i’m assuming that once all the five chains links are severed, the event would complete. Remember to do a /cheer as there seems to be an achievement for it.

More at Geek Generation once i try out the wurm.


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