Guild Wars 2: The Origin of Madness (Wurm)

Geek Generation here.

The first thing to note about the wurm part of the new content is that the in-game mail points you to the wrong waypoint. The event begins at the Firth Vigil Waypoint. The event begins with three escort missions. Each escort leads to a different location in Bloodtide Coast, with a different wurm at each location. There are Amber, Crimson and Cobalt wurms. Each wurm has a different fight mechanic.

Amber Wurm

With the Amber wurm, the players need to kill Plague Carrier Abominations and stand at close range when the Abomination dies. This would give the players a poison status, the yellow sign above the head.

Upon getting the poison status, players have to stand at the red arrow to be swallowed whole by the wurm.

Once swallowed, players have to fight their way out of the gut inducing the wurm to vomit. Not very sure of the significance of this, since it didn’t seem to do any damage at all to the wurm.

After the first abomination, an insane amount of hardy minions enters the fray to bounce you around. It becomes impossible to get to the abomination for a poison status, or if you got the status, impossible to stay alive long enough at the arrow to be swallowed, and i’m assuming if you do get swallowed, not enough people with poison status get swallowed making the whole exercise a futile activity.

As it stands, the event is insanely difficult.

Crimson Wurm

From what i gathered in the map chat, there are three color bars that you need to fill up before damaging the wurm.

Cobalt Wurm

From what i gathered in the map chat, the players need to plant barrels of bombs at the red arrow to be swallowed by the wurm before the wurm can be damaged.

After the failed wurm fight, there was a new build for Guild Wars 2. Hopefully some sense has trickled into the developers’ heads and they made the wurm events less insane.

Edit: Ok, i see that the achievements for the wurms have a category of their own called Triple Trouble (like Tequatl). And since the wurms are a permanent addition to the game, the insane difficulty is probably on par with Tequatl.


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