Hearthstone: Warlock Control (Budget) Analysis

Welcome back to Geek Generation. Previously, i posted a deck list on Warlock Control budget deck. If you’ve played with it, you’ll know that it isn’t very good. In today’s post, i’ll talk about why it isn’t good, aside it being a budget deck.

I’ll start off with a card of the month, that has nothing to do with what this post is about. I managed to open a Mind Control Tech from a pack and i was excited to start using it, but this is what it says on my card.


Back to Warlock Control. I’ve made some changes with the deck and swapped Darkscale Healer for Kobold Geomancer. The Darkscale Healers generally do not do anything useful. Kobold Geomancers gives your board control the reach that would otherwise be short by one.

The deck concept revolves around a pretty simple principle. The warlock’s ability is to take two damage to draw an additional card. So if the majority of the minions have Taunt, then the opponent’s minions can’t race damage by hitting you, and you can afford to draw more cards, hence achieving card advantage. It isn’t very strong, so why play such a deck? It’s the times when the deck does work, it is satisfyingly amusing. More often than not, you’ll win from opponent frustration : D

The biggest problem with such a concept is that Taunt creatures don’t really do alot for you besides absorbing damage and board control. They don’t grow bigger or make your other minions better or make enemy minions weaker or charge or generally change the game state in any spectacular way. The Taunt minions are basically meat shield with your Warlock’s card advantage drawing you into even more meat shield. The way to win with this deck would actually be to race your opponent and throw burn like Soulfire and Drain Life directly at your opponent. Your minions can hit him, but his have to go through your meat shield to get to you.

Therefore, as far as possible, creature trades should not be initiated by you. Pretty much like what happens with aggro decks. It’s a slow deck with an aggro play style.

The second significant problem is the hero’s power. Unlike Mage or Druid control or even Hunter control, where their powers can actually deal damage to the opponent, this deck’s hero ability only lets your draw more meat shield. Other control decks gain advantage naturally by making the games longer while this deck has to rely on its meat shield. Mage have game winning cards like Fireball and Druid their Ironbark Protector. Coupled with a host of other spells that can deal damage directly to the hero, Mage and Druids become the default control decks, as far as budget decks go that is.

That is not to say Warlock control decks do not exist. Just that in most of its forms, it’ll not be a budget deck.


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