Hearthstone: Understanding the Warrior

Geek Generation here. In this post, i’ll talk about the Warrior class of Hearthstone.

In my some of my earliest posts, i talked about card advantage and how important the concept was towards winning games. Since every minion on the board can be roughly translated into cards, minions on the board providing board-advantage/initiative, is also in a way contributing to your card advantage. Your opponent needs to use minions/cards or hero abilities to either deal with your minions or to race with you.

As such, hero abilities, help generate card advantage, by affecting the board or in the case of Warlock, directly puts cards into your hand. Except the Warrior class. The Warrior class is the odd one out in that it does not really generate advantage by itself.

Druid, Mage, Rogue all can directly affect the board by dealing damage to minions. Hunters deal damage directly to the opponent, which is similar to getting to cast a weaker Sinister Strike, but every turn. Paladin and Shamans contribute to card advantage by putting a creature into play, Warlocks work as mentioned. Even Priests that do no damage directly with their abilities contribute to the board by keeping the minions alive.

Steady_Shot Sinister_Strike

Only the Warrior alone, has an ability that has utterly no effect on the board or card advantage. While Hunters do not affect the board, they can win the game by playing the hero ability 15 times. To be fair, the Warrior can win by playing its ability for 35 turns and try to outlast the opponent through library death. But.. seriously?

The thing about armor is that it works exactly like health. There are neither cards that remove armor nor any form of damage that can bypass it. In fact, armor is a superior form of health since it can counter Water Elemental’s freeze.


Hence, in my opinion, the best Warriors are those that can find something to do with the extra health. And the easiest way to do it is to equip weapons and hit opponent minions with the weapons. Hence, good warrior decks should always have a plethora of weapons in their deck so that they can transform some of those extra health into board advantage.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.

Edit: I often see Warriors armor up before hitting a minion. As long as the game remains such that no cards can remove armor and no damage can bypass it, the correct play would be to always armor after the hitting the minion, as long as the minion does not kill you. This gives you a chance to stack armor to protect against Water Elemental’s freeze or to represent Shield Slam.



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