Hearthstone: February card of the month (February)

Welcome back to Geek Generation.

It’s only been around a week, but since it’s February already, i’ll pin up a new card of the month. Card of the month for February is:


What’s up with that card you ask? That was the same question i was asking. I played against two Paladins and played that on turn one and they conceded right after i played the card. It’s funny, except that i was trying to complete the quest that says: Play 40 minions that cost 5 or more ><

It’s not like Paladins do not have cards to deal with the cleric.

On a tangential note, if your opponent plays:

Starving_Buzzard Dire_Wolf_Alpha Bloodfen_Raptor

If you can only kill one of the minions, which do you kill? Starving Buzzard or Dire Wolf Alpha. The analysis is actually quite simple. Killing Starving Buzzard reduces the total damage by three, killing Dire Wolf Alpha reduces the damage by four. Unless that extra one point of damage is going to kill you, you always kill Starving Buzzard. If you’re experienced in matters of CCG, this might seem obvious to you, but there’ve been many games where players simply ignores the Starving Buzzard even when they have the means to kill it.

Though one might reason that if the Dire Wolf Alpha lives, and the opponent has in his/her hand Thundra Rhino and a host of other meanie Beasts, it’ll devastate you. But let’s face it, barring a few rare and exceptional scenarios, with that kind of hand and a Starving Buzzard alive, your opponent is going to gain the upper hand anyway. A stronger upper hand, since there’ll likely be more meanie Beasts drawn off the Starving Buzzard.


This is Geek Generation, til the next time, kill all Northshire Clerics and Starving Buzzards on sight. And don’t give up so easily when your opponent plays Northshire Cleric on turn one.


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