Guild Wars 2: Edge of the Mists (Delaqua Investigator and Live on the Edge)

Welcome back to Geek Generation everybody.

Guild Wars 2 has a new patch, Edge of the Mists. The patch features a new WvW map. Haven’t tried running around in it, not sure how it works. With the patch there are three new achievements with two of them hardly requiring any effort.


The achivement Delaqua Investigator requires travelling to the Dead End’s Tavern (or something like that) in the human city, Divinity’s Reach. It’s somewhat to the right of the entrance into the city. The most notable thing about the encounter would be when Kasmeer Meade said she wanted for the decorations, curtains and i don’t remember what else, fluffy pink bears maybe. Which Marjory Delaqua says no to, but in the same breath concede that curtains were ok, but only if they were black curtains.

Why’s it notable? Coz it gives us a better insight into the personalities of these two protagonists. Since i missed whatever was before the toxin part of the Living Story, i didn’t know much about these two characters before this. From the interaction, we can see who among the couple makes the decisions and who’s the doormat : D

If i were a story writer, this only goes one way. Toward the end, one of them would die. How’s that for a tragedy?

In any case, after the interaction, you’ll get another in game mail asking you to return to the tavern to complete more interactions and complete the Delaqua Investigator achievement.


Live on the Edge achievement is even simpler. What i did was head out to Bloodtide Coast and looked at the map to find the portal. You can see the portal as a purple whirl on the map. Travel to the purple whirl, enter the portal and the Live on the Edge achievement will be completed.

How the unstable mist portal looks like.

Will be back later after i explore the WvW portion of the patch. For now, Geek Generation out.


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