Guild Wars 2: Edge of the Mists (Raiders of the Lost Parts)

Geek Generation here.

It turns out that Raiders of the Lost Parts is also a relatively simple achievement.

Taimi’s golem was damaged and is missing some parts. To complete the achievement, simply pick up the lost golem part and return it to her.


The lost golem part is located in the center of the map, The Juncture. There are several paths into the area containing the lost golem part. The picture’s path shows me coming from Tytone Perch Reactor and entering the chamber from the north via a ramp/stairs. The southwest bridge shown in the picture is another path in to the chamber.


This picture is me looking into the chamber on top of the north ramp/stairs.The lost golem part is located between two energy probes. You can’t see it in this picture because i’ve already picked it up before returning to this place to make a screenshot. When approaching the lost golem part, beware of the energy probes. Do not go near it. Going near it will bounce you off the island resulting in instant death.

Ok, that’s it for pve element of Edge of the Mist. Geek Generation out.


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