Hearthstone: You can Hex your own minion

Welcome back to Geek Generation.

I was playing Arena awhile ago. Drafted a Priest and my first match was against a Paladin. I was doing fine until he attacked with his Ravenholdt Assassin into one of my minions, bringing his Assassin to one health. But the Assassin remained in stealth and i couldn’t attack it with my minion. Then on his turn he plays Defender of Argus boosting his Assassin’s health to two, which forces me to play my own Defender of Argus in a bad position. Which i wouldn’t have if the Assassin’s stealth hadn’t glitched and let it stayed a turn longer than it would have. Not to mention the seven extra damage it did to me.



Anyway, in an earlier game, I drafted a Shaman and was paired with another Shaman in one of the matches. We were racing each other, him more successfully, bringing me down to a low enough health that would die to single attack from a Stranglethorn Tiger (5/5, Stealth.), which he did play. There were no minions with Taunt anywhere on my side of the board or in my hand. Summoned a totem, which gave nothing useful. At this point, he starts to do a “Well played” emote. And since i still had much mana open, it was kind of snarky, like he was so confident the game was done. Except that there was a single Hex in my hand.

I couldn’t Hex his Tiger because it had stealth. So i Hexed one of my crappy minions hoping to buy enough time to race him. To be fair, it wasn’t a strong move, but a pretty awesome play in my opinion, Hexing my own minion. It was also the only play i had left to stay in the game. There were so many answers he could’ve drawn for the win and fortunately he didn’t. He did have a string of other hexes, to throw at my stronger minions, giving me more and more sacrificial Frogs.

So yeah, remember you can Hex your own minions if you absolutely need the Taunt.


Geek Generation out.


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