Guild Wars 2: Escape from Lion’s Arch

Geek Generation here, hello everybody.

The events from Edge of the Mists culminates into a massive attack on Lion’s Arch by Scarlet Briar. Everything in Lion’s Arch was destroyed. Including the fountain that was rebuilt from when the Mad King destroyed it. What !! The Asuran portals are out of commission, Mystic Forge is gone, banks, tradepost and every other financial institution in Lion’s Arch is obliterated. But fear not, you can still continue to craft your ascended armor.

As to whether any services remain operational in Lion’s Arch, i’m not sure. The place has become a warzone, and i think it’ll be quite annoying if you were to make a hammer and suddenly a dozen Scarlet’s meanies pop up to murder you. Alot, if not all, of the services that you’re used to getting from Lion’s Arch can be found elsewhere.

To access crafting services, head on to your home borderland in WvW. Mystic Forge can be found in the home borderland’s garrison (the keep in the middle, south of the spawn point). Trade post is also found in WvW home borderland. As to laurel vendors, i think i remember seeing them in the various race’s capital city.

Rox and Braham (not sure where’s Taimi) are outside Lion’s Arch in Gendarren Fields making a foray into the city every hour to rescue the citizens. The more citizens you rescue in the event, the better the rewards. The reward tiers are as follows: 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500. Got that from the map chat, and the one’s saying it probably got the information from better guide sites like Dulfy.

I tried to find Kajory, prolly the favorite pair of everyone playing Guild Wars 2’s Living Story. The Dead End seems to be closed. Which makes sense since i would expect Kajory to be helping out in the events unfurling in Lion’s Arch. I didn’t exactly go all around to look for them, i’ll do that later.

So far, this bit of Living Story seems pretty fun. The only problem with the whole thing was the cyphers. The chests are all gone with no warning or grace period. Did Scarlet come back to take back all her chests before the attack? *blehz* A foray into the forums and you can find people saying “Lair still there but chests gone.”.

Like it or not, the cyphers are a form of in-game currency and should be treated as appropriately. To Anet: like phasing out Glory, give some warning and grace period when you decide cyphers should become utterly useless.

Another thing to take note of is the spinal back item recipe fragments thingy whatever it is called. You need to create a set of four pieces to transform into a recipe for crafting using the mystic forge that was destroyed (use the one in WvW home borderland keep). As with all limited items, collect as many of these as possible and trade it away months, or even weeks, later for a profit.

Geek Generation out.


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