An encounter with AFK

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

A week ago, i made a post regarding PUG, Pick Up Groups. One of the reasons i posted something about pugs was due to an encounter in a Guild Wars 2 dungeon run. More on this later.

One of the significant difference between Pugs and guild parties that is most noticeable is when members become AFK, Away From Keyboard, during the course of playing the game. Becoming AFK is a kind of necessary thing for living in real life. There would always be things that draws our immediate attention from the game and going away from the keyboard. It could to answer the phone or the door, it could be the dog or the cat, it could be the baby crying, it could be to grab a sandwich or drink, turn off the stove or simply a visit to the bathroom.

Generally, proper gaming etiquette insists that a player inform the party members prior to going AFK. But sometimes this doesn’t happen and the player simply stops reacting in the game. When a player goes AFK but fails to inform the party members, the party members can wait for the AFK player to return, which happens rather often in guild parties, or they can boot the AFK player from the party, presumably to find a substitute, which happens rather often in pugs.

So the other day, in Guild Wars 2, i was in a dungeon run with a pug. The dungeon could be roughly divided into three segments. One of the players played through the first segment but went AFK for the second segment without informing anyone. So at the third segment, the other players decided to boot the AFK player to get a new pug member. Which sounds just right if the third segment was difficult content that require a full party in attendance. Except that the third segment wasn’t particularly difficult.

So i was left thinking, the amount of effort the new pug member had to put in to get the end of dungeon reward was 1/3, which would have been equal to the afk player’s effort.

Until next time, if you need to AFK, remember to say BRB (Be Right Back). GGO, Geek Generation out.


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