Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch (Continued)

Geek Generation is back.

The earlier post on Battle for Lion’s Arch can be found here.

I’ve played more and found out more about the content. Apparently there is loot from the colored bosses called Assault Knights. It’s just that the ground is usually such a mess and the “Press F to search” or some text like that might not even appear. Just roam around the corpse and keep hitting the grab loot key until you get five Deluxe Gear Boxes. You also get a chance at looting a Spinal Blades upgrade component.

After the Prime Hologram, there’s the three smaller colored hologram. With each hologram, you’ve got to get the correct color buff in order to damage it. The group i was in proposed to do in the order of Red -> Green -> Blue. Not too sure about the significance of the order though.

The red hologram drops the dredge fire circles which should be plenty easy to avoid. After killing the hologram, it kind of splits into 6 more others which we have to kill. I don’t remember much about the green and didn’t get to fight the blue much. I do recall seeing huge semi circle AOEs at one of them. The green hologram split into 6 too. The blue didn’t but i’m not sure if it’s because it was blue or it was because it was the last.

In any case, once all the small holograms are dealt with, there’s the third and final phase before getting into the instanced content. There’s a treasure chest after this phase. In this one, there’s one big hologram in the center. At some point, you can head on in to the center to get the triple color buff, then head back out to kill small holograms. At least that’s what i think we’re supposed to do since those are the only things i managed to damage with the triple color buff. Do not try to dodge over the danger zones as they can’t seem to be evaded.

On a side note, one of the bosses in Lion’s Arch, called the Canoneer, that appears on the left side of the map, is really hard to kill. For this boss, it has a reflective shield that prevents ranged damage and returns that damage back to the players. The shield doesn’t seem to go away. I asked around and someone said the aether cannon bombardment could reduced the reflective shield stacks. But it has an insane amount of stacks to remove.

So if you’re fighting the Canoneer, please switch to melee weapons to fight it. If you’re targeted for bombardment, just move away from the melee fighters.

Geek Generation out.


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