Guild Wars 2: The Battle for Lion’s Arch

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Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Oh crap..

The Battle for Lion’s Arch patch for Guild Wars 2 is released today. Warning, possible spoilers ahead.

One of my friends got to the end of the content, which was an instanced content. As i was in a party with her, i got pulled in as well. So i got to see the ending before i went through the long and tedious fight.


Anyway, to begin, enter into Lion’s Arch. First thing to do would be to press M key to look at the map. Look for the colored icons, red, blue and green, that indicates the boss fights that must be completed before you can enter the Scarlet Briar part of the map.

The colored bosses are relatively simple. They have two AOEs, a smaller circle followed by a bigger circle. Simply use a range weapon to fight outside of the smaller circle. With the bigger circle, the strike time is a little slower than usual. So instead of dodging the moment you see the warning circle, dodge once after the bigger warning circle disappears. During the fight, there’ll be colored circles on the ground where you can stand to gain a damage buff.

After killing all three colored bosses, there’ll be three colored circles on the ground near the entrance to the Scarlet Briar area that you have to walk over to collect colored buffs over your head. You can only enter Scarlet Briar area after you’ve collected all three colors.


Upon entering the Scarlet Briar area, you’ll be in a fight with a boss called the Prime Hologram. The boss shoots beams that downs you instantly and leaves behind a burning ground which will eventually kill you if you’re down inside of it. Simply walk out of the warning zones the moment you see it. during the fight, a huge version of Scarlet Briar pops out take pop shots every now and then.

To damage the boss, there are colored circles on the ground that you have to walk over to gain a buff. You need at least one color to begin damaging the boss. I assume you can do more damage with all three colors. The thing with the burning beams shot by the hologram is that it originates from the circumference of the hologram. So if for some reason you need to change segments as demarcated by the burning ground, simply go through the center. Or if you’re tanky enough, you could just walk over the burning ground. But do note the yellow bubbles to the right (our right) of the hologram, as shown in the screenshot. The bubbles prevent movement and causes damage if you bump into them.

After the Prime Hologram, three smaller holograms appears, one for each color. I’m not too sure though, i think it might be that the Prime Hologram split into three smaller ones. You have to get the corresponding color buff to damage the smaller holograms. My game crashed during the fight with the first smaller hologram and after that i had to go off to cook : ( I’ll play more later and come back with more information.

Warning: Spoiler paragraph.
I doubt the smaller holograms are the last of it since i had to fight a wounded Scarlet in the instanced content. Which means there must be at least one more fight involving Scarlet after the holograms, where we wound her. Anyway, i was so sad when i thought Marjory was dead. I always thought Kasmeer was the one who’s going to die so she can like fuel Marjory. I’m just glad they both survived. Yay for Kajory !

One thing to note though is that the bosses are rather beefy and doesn’t give any loot. Not sure if the beefiness is due to scaling from lots of people, but if it’s not.. So if you want to get to the instanced content, better do it early while there’s still lots of people doing it.

Geek Generation out.

Update: The post on Battle for Lion’s Arch continues here.


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