What is to zerg?

Hello everybody, Geek Generation is talking about zerg and zerging today. Which is different from Zerg with the capital Z even though zerg originates from it.

Zerg originates from the Starcraft universe, an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game by Blizzard. Zerg is one of the three playable factions in the game and its strategy for winning is often characterized as winning via overwhelming, expendable numbers. According to Starcraft lore, the Zerg are composed of a number of species, the majority of which are primitive-minded.. monsters that are minded by more advanced minded monsters.

In fact, what identifies as Zerg is largely dependent on whether a primitive-minded creature is mind controlled by the advanced minds or whether an advanced mind controls any such primitive-minded creature. Zerg, as a definition of a collective, is quite vague if you thought about it.

Ok, enough about Zerg as a faction in Starcraft universe.

In games where there are open world content, where people can come together to complete certain objectives, the phenomenon of gathering up in numbers to win open world content has often been referred to as “zerging”, with the player bulk referred to as the “zerg”; for there is both firepower and safety in numbers.

Understandably, zerging usually occurs only when there are rewards for cooperative play, like Guild Wars 2 where rewards are awarded to every player who participated in the content. If the rewards are not for cooperative play and are awarded to one or a select few, then usually it’s not called zerging but kill-stealing.

When someone initiates an attack on a monster, and hence establishes the perception of the right of loot from the said monster, then someone else comes along and kills the monster (or supply sufficient damage) and wins the loot instead of the initiator; when that happens, it’s called kill stealing. But i digressed.

It is interesting how zergs act. They tend to become primitive-minded minions adhering to the instructions of leaders among the zerg. When a leader has to leave, another would evolve and promote to the status of the leader. Failing which, the zerg pursues its current objective and next objectives that are immediately obvious and eventually disintegrating to attrition.

In zerg mobility, early birds, without the might of the zerg behind them, are hesitant, stragglers are left to die. In zerg combat, bloodlust fills the minions and inadvertently some will fail to keep an eye out on the chat window and perform the wrong actions. Or fail to take note of the movement of the zerg center of gravity and fall prey to the same fate of stragglers or become the suicide vanguard.

Speaking of suicide vanguards, about the only way to lead a zerg forward in a charge is to lead by example. And it’s important not to die in leading the charge or the morale will break and the mass would end up not inching forward.

Regardless, the terms zerg and zerging are becoming so popular that even players who do not play Starcraft or Starcraft II are using them.

Geek Generation out.


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  1. It really is lol I’ve only played a couple games of starcraft but my guildies have been using the term for any kind of reckless assault with a full party team. Good to finally know the origins though~

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