Hearthstone: Patch 11/3/2014

Geek Generation here.

The latest Hearthstone patch brings some welcome changes. I haven’t played it yet and i’m basing this post on the patch notes.

The first and most welcome change is in the form of match reconnection in the event of getting disconnected from the game. Rather than automatically accumulating a loss for Arena matches, players now have one minute grace time to return to the game. Nicely done, Blizzard.

Another irritating thing that was fixed was the random position swapping of cards which caused much problems with popular cards like Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus.

Then there is the graphics fix for a creature having both Taunt and Stealth. Which is good, but still not sufficient. The knowledge that Taunt is disabled when a creature goes into Stealth comes after the fact, which as strategic information, might be a tad bit too late. There should a note in the description of cards that have Stealth or grant Stealth that Taunt would be disabled.

I’m talking about Nat Pagle changes only because i happen to have one. Nat Pagle was nerfed to “chance to draw a card at the beginning of the next turn” instead of “chance to draw a card at end of turn“. While this makes Nat Pagle less powerful overall, an unanswered Nat Pagle is as good as the old Nat Pagle since you still get to play the card (if you chanced to draw) on the next turn.

Last but not least, Water Elementals are now changed to be able to freeze armored heroes. Blizzard claims that this is a change to intended play. But it seems to me that it’s more likely a shift in philosophy. In any case, it should be a welcome change to Mages playing with them. Though it brings to mind what i said in my post Understanding the Warrior:

I often see Warriors armor up before hitting a minion. As long as the game remains such that no cards can remove armor and no damage can bypass it, the correct play would be to always armor after the hitting the minion, as long as the minion does not kill you. This gives you a chance to stack armor to protect against Water Elemental’s freeze or to represent Shield Slam.

Given the changes to Water Elemental, is there still a need to Armor up after (instead of before) a hero attack? I would say that the advice remains sound and that there remains no reason for wanting to armor up before a hero attack. The following cards are good reasons for Armoring up after a hero attack.

Shield_Slam Earthen_Ring_Farseer Alexstrasza

Even if you don’t have Shield Slam in your deck at all, you could represent it by Armoring up after a hero attack in hopes of causing your opponent to wrongly play around a card that you do not have.

Ok so much for now. Geek Generation out.


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