Guild Wars 2: Living Story Intermission After Retaking Lion’s Arch

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

New patch for Guild Wars 2 came on yesterday. Living story’s first story has come to a conclusion, Scarlet is dead without saying why she did what she did or what it was that she saw or contacted with in the Eternal Alchemy. Surely it cannot be the dragon she woke that masterminded the whole thing. If the dragon was the mastermind, did it scheme all the events while asleep to wake himself up? Which sounds rather ludicrous.

So after the whole fiasco, a dragon woke up. According to the wiki, it was Mordremoth, elder jungle dragon, that woke up, though i’m not sure how that was inferred, probably there are other sources of information i have yet to come across. So what next? Not much actually, if you thought about it. According to the novel, Edge of Destiny, Kralkatorrik, elder crystal dragon, itself was flying around in Ascalon. It was not even clear why it didn’t finish off Ebonhawke since Destiny’s Edge’s trap didn’t work.

So Kralkatorrik was awake, and didn’t need a whole Scarlet Briar fiasco to do it, and being awake doesn’t mean very much apparently.

In terms of the living story, the patch doesn’t have much updates. Just one lengthy scene in the Dead End’s bar. I really hope we get to see black curtains that was promised the next time we go in there.

Another point to note is that there isn’t any Sylvari in the hero line up in the last season. So quite likely, the next season of living story is going to add a Sylvari. Some speculation on the forums say that the next story could possibly explore Malyck and the other mother/father tree. Let’s hope it’s not going to be another Trahearne-like weakling that claims all the glory while others do the hard work.

Can’t there be an asura that’s not obnoxious, a sylvari that’s actually mysterious and prophetic with his/her dreams?

Oh well.. Anyway before i leave off, i saw in the forums that someone was saying that: considering the rebuilding of the statue that got destroyed took three months of real world time, the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch is gonna take one to two years. Lol, Geek Generation out.


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