Hearthstone: Hunter Beast Aggro (King Mukla)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. I’ve played a couple rounds of Arena this weekend. The scores were varied from 7 wins to 1 win. I discovered that i’m really bad with Shaman but much better with Warrior and Hunter and sometimes Paladin.


Anyway, i opened the prizes of 4 booster packs and boom, King Mukla has arrived in my collection. Yay.

Chillwind_Yeti Bananas

King Mukla, being a beast, instantly got my attention. Maybe it fits into my Beast deck. 5/5 for 3 mana is simply sweet. The only time that it’s no good is when your opponent plays turn 3 Chillwind Yeti. Or even turn 1 or 2 Chillwind Yeti (Druids don’t play fair). The Yeti would munch on bananas and laugh at the humbled King Mukla.

I’ve replaced the lone Ironfur Grizzly with King Mukla. So instead of Scavenging Hyena -> Ironfur Grizzly, i’ll be hoping for Scavenging Hyena -> King Mukla. Sure, King Mukla doesn’t protect the Hyenas and also doesn’t grow any bigger. But i’ve never seen my Hyenas grow bigger than 4/3.


Together with the addition of King Mukla, i discovered that i really liked Freezing Trap. It gives a really strong tempo advantage and often lets you seize the initiative from your opponent. I don’t quite know what to remove, so i went with Bestial Wrath and Stonetusk Boar. *sigh* i really do like the lone copy of Stonetusk Boar. It feeds the Starving Buzzards and Houndmasters so well.

Here’s the updated list. I’ll let you know how it goes next week after i play with it. Hopefully before the end of the current season.

1 x Hunter’s Mark
2 x Arcane Shot
2 x Freezing Trap
1 x Unleash the Hounds
2 x Animal Companion
1 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Multi-shot

2 x Timber Wolf
2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x River Crocolisk
2 x Scavenging Hyena
2 x Starving Buzzard
1 x King Mukla
2 x Houndmaster
2 x Tundra Rhino

My deck will be complete with 1 more Eaglehorn, Unleash the Hounds and King Krush. But then, King Krush could well be a Kobold instead of a Beast. If i’m casting King Krush, i’m pretty sure that it’s not its Beast-ness that will turn the game. Leeroy Jenkins would do the job well enough.

Geek Generation out.


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