Hearthstone: About Daily Quests

Geek Generation here.

Hearthstone gives a daily quest every day, up to a maximum of three quests. Fortunately, you do not have to log in to accumulate the quest. The daily quests serves as the source of gold income for players who, like me, do not achieve atleast 7 wins on the Arena on a consistent basis.

There is an option to delete a quest, but i assume it simply deletes the quest rather than let you roll for a new quest instantly. As such, deleting quests only hurts your income and has no benefit that i can see.

So is there any strategy for completing quests?

Hardcore players, who are also more experienced by nature of playing more, can be found playing the game any time, any day. That’s what makes them hardcore after all. However, less hardcore players, hence possibility lower skilled, have less time to play and tend to play at night (after work) or on the weekends. So during those times, the pool of players become diluted with the less hardcore players and the chance of meeting them and scoring a win toward completing your quest becomes better.

Which is also why i prefer to play Arena on weekends.

Then there’s the choice of playing Casual or Ranked games for quest that requires wins. At first thought, players might think Casual games offer better chances of winning. However, it seems that Casual games tend to be harder and filled with players playing really strong decks. I assume these players have ranked up pretty high and are afraid of losing stars so they’re playing Casual games instead. It turns out that ranked plays are the better choice since better decks would have ranked up to higher ranks and won’t be met with as long as you haven’t used a much stronger deck to raise your rank too high for the deck you’re questing with.

But of course, these are just my personal observations and might not be true for you.

Geek Generation out.


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