Hearthstone: Tracking

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Just drafted a really aggressive Hunter deck for the Arena. The score was just an average 4 wins for me (4 is the average for me). The deck’s highest casting cost was 3 and there was only 1 Kill Command for end game play. The real end game for such a deck came down to casting Steady Shot repeatably, which of course is in no way an end game play against Warrior or Priests.

Tracking SenseiDiviningTop

Anyway, i wanted to talk about the card Tracking today. For those who have played Magic the Gathering before, you might be familiar with the Sensei’s Divining Top. The Sensei’s Divining Top was a really good card, to the extent that there are decks that uses Trinket Mages to search the library for it. Tracking is almost similar to Sensei’s Divining Top. The first difference is that Tracking is a one use card. The second, not so readily apparent, difference is that the cards that you did not choose with Tracking goes to the graveyard instead of getting shuffled back into the library.

This came into play in one of the games for said draft. I was playing against Jaina and had played 2 copies of Unleash the Hounds to feed a Starving Buzzard, drawing nearly a third of my entire deck. When i drew into Tracking, i played it without thinking about it. The end result was that i peeled all the remaining cards to look at leaving me with an empty library. Both the burn from library death and the loss of important cards made me lose the race. Jaina was down to all but the last point of health *sigh*

That is not to say Tracking is a bad card. While it is not as powerful as Sensei’s Divining Top was in Magic the Gathering, Tracking has its roles to play. It helps alot in smoothing or even strengthening a tempo deck to search for that important Shattered Sun Cleric or Eaglehorn Bow, without which the tempo might possibly be broken and the initiative lost. The lost of two cards is negated by the strengthening your game by letting you dig three cards deeper.

Plus, most Hunters do not plan to reach such a late game stage where the lost of 4 cards from the library would start to matter.

I would say that Tracking is actually such a good card that as long as your mana curve is not exceedingly skewed in anyway. Every Hunter should always play 2 copies of it in their Hunter deck. Which of course brings me back to my own Hunter Beast Aggro deck. What do i remove to put the cards in? The deck is always so full to the brim..

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation Out.


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