Short Update

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

This is a short update to talk about the two games that i’ve been talking about on this blog, Hearthstone and Guild Wars 2.

First of all, Hearthstone’s announced that it’s going to have an expansion, adding new cards and all new single player pve mode. With the expansion, the player would be able to play against AI opponents in a sort of campaign mode to earn the new cards. The new expansion is going to be called Curse of Naxxramus.

Curse of Naxxramus is going to be divided into several wings with the first wing being free to play and subsequent wings pay to play. Though Blizzard is going to allow free to play players to unlock the subsequent wings with in-game gold, with each wing rewarding a new legendary card coupled with the maximum amount a player can hoard is 20k gold, things does not look optimistic for free to play players.

Next Guild Wars 2. Anet has always marketed the living story as something that will change the face of Tyria. I’ve always thought that there was much hype in that branding and called it, living story would change the face of Tyria, but only skin deep. The reason i said that was that Anet, with Lion’s Arch destroyed, would be rebuilt to look exactly the same as the old Lion’s Arch. My reasoning was that they couldn’t possibly change Lion’s Arch too much or new players would find the Lion Arch is story instances looking completely different.

A discordant Lion’s Arch would utterly break immersion and as such, Lion’s Arch would return to exactly as it was before Scarlet Briar destroyed it, hence changes can only go skin deep.

And boy could i not be more wrong. I rerolled my necromancer recently and played the story quest right into Lion’s Arch. It turns out that the Lion’s Arch in the story line’s instance was exactly the same as the one in world map; destroyed. Apparently the Lion’s Arch in the story line’s instance takes it’s blueprints from the actual Lion’s Arch in world map. I’m floored. Utterly impressed.

Indeed, have faith in the living story’s capacity to change the face of Tyria.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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