Hearthstone: Wild Growth (what to do at 10 mana?)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.


As the title says, are cards like Wild Growth in late game when the player has already accumulated 10 mana crystals? Apparently not! Wild Growth, if cast when the player already has 10 mana crystals will give the player Excess Mana card which can be used to draw a card at the cost of zero mana.


Some of you might know this already, but this alternative ability of Wild Growth is not immediately obvious, and certainly not something anyone can glean from the card text alone. I never knew this at all and many times when playing Malfurion, i would keep Wild Growth as the last card in the hand thinking that it won’t do anything if i cast it.


A similar effect happens for Sense Demons if a player casts it with no more demons left in the library. The result is 1/1 Useless Demons. At this point of time, i’m assuming this replacement alternative is a characteristic of all other cards that search the library, like the search a pirate card.

Geek Generation out.


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