Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds (Boss Blitz)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

We get the Festival of the Four Winds patch to Guild Wars 2. Along with the Queen’s Gauntlet. I spent the last couple hours playing Boss Blitz, and the tendency for people to mingle together into a single blob of zerg is turning the Boss Blitz events into a very slow grind.

The event is relatively simple. There are six bosses that will spawn once the ticketing has received enough donations. The mobs are actually watchwork constructs in disguise. So i guess the queen needs these donations to fund the construction of the watchwork constructs to keep the Boss Blitz events alive. Once all six bosses are defeated, the players will receive a loot bag according to how quickly they finish killing all six bosses.

Each boss has a special trait. I’m assuming each boss have a trait, i wasn’t taking much note of these. I do know some of the bosses have special traits. The special traits get passed on to the another/other boss(es) once it dies. So this kind of persuades players to split up and engage all six of the bosses at the same time.

The strategy to winning this quickly is simple. Divide and conquer. If possible, have 6 persons tag up (pin up their commander tags) with one commander standing at each path to a boss. When the players have been divided somewhat, proceed to fill the donation pot to spawn the bosses.

Granted, for a player to want to complete the achievements for killing all 6 bosses, this would be a little slower. But there’s an achievement to complete the Boss Blitz 10 times. So that should be more than enough times to cover the killing of different bosses even if the player only gets to kill 1 boss each time.

The mobs gives loot like ticket to gauntlet and one more thingy i can’t remember its name. The boss kills gives measly reward of a couple silver for killing it. All in all, the whole event is a little too grindy (grindy coz everyone merges into a single blob of zerg instead of dividing themselves) for little reward. Though at this point of time i’ve not opened any of the reward bags from completing the Boss Blitz. Might be that the rewards are all stuffed in that one bag.

Geek Generation out.


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