Hearthstone: Thank You, for the Bananas

Hello everyone, Geek Generation here.

I was in a constructed game with a Druid just now and we both had nothing to play for the first 2 turns. On turn 3, i played King Mukla and he gained 2 bananas. He emoted a thank you which i can never be sure if he was trying to be smug or was just being sincere in a sarcastic way. But i digressed.

King_Mukla Bananas

King Mukla is a card that is rich in flavor. Your opponent stole two bananas from King Mukla and now he’s gonna pound his head for the theft. Or at least that’s how i would explain why the card works the way it does.

King Mukla is difficult to evaluate. A 5/5 for 3 mana suggests that he’s a good fit in aggressive decks and he is, rightly so. But the free bananas are not insignificant. If your opponent does not whip King Mukla with the bananas, then the game could easily swing in their favor. Many times have i lost a game because of them bananas.

In terms of one to one combat, King Mukla is definitely a champ. Anything less than 3 power (+2 bananas to trade) can’t kill King Mukla. Anything with 4 health (+2 bananas to survive King Mukla attack) doesn’t usually have 3 power at turn 3. However, a minion at power 4, like Arcane Golem, is bad news. Your opponent has leftover bananas after the trade.

Very often, the probability of King Mukla working to your advantage is highest when you cast it in the first 3 turns. After that, King Mukla depreciates in value as the game goes on; for every turn after three, your opponent gains more mana and more ways to deal with the over-sized ape and hence preserving bananas for better situations.

But summoning King Mukla in the first three turns, by itself, is not sufficient to gain advantage. King Mukla only brings advantage to you if your opponent does not already have a creature of significant size in play. If your opponent has a 3/2 minion in play already, casting King Mukla would only have wasted your chance at initiative, delaying your aggro plan by one turn.

Thus, King Mukla would best fit decks that has 2 mana costed minions to trade for an empty board and/or have cards that can eliminate opponent minions in the turns prior to King Mukla’s arrival.

Geek Generation out.


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