Marvel Heroes: Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Since this is my first post on ARPG (Action RPG, think Diablo 3), i’ll talk in general, a little about Marvel Heroes, the game. Who is this game for? I’ll say the target audience is for fans of the Marvel universe. If you like the ongoing story arc (basically they’re the end credit scenes) in the marvel films, you might also like to play Marvel Heroes. If you like to know a little more about Marvel Heroes without getting hindered by film licensing rights, then the game would offer Marvel lore in a way that films currently can’t. If you like ARPGs in general, you might take a look at Marvel Heroes too.

Today’s the release of the patch called Marvel Heroes 2015 for the game. As to why’s it’s called 2015 in the year of 2014, i’m not entirely sure. But if you have a chance to be interested in the game or if you’re a player on hiatus, now’s the time to start playing again. In the case of player on hiatus, atleast log into the game today. The reason being that every player who has a hero of atleast level 30 gets a free stash tab.

If you don’t know, additional stash tabs are cash only items and there’s no way to unlock them from ingame. With the addition of runes and runewords, that additional stash tab is so important toward a.. pleasant experience : D

Another thing i notice was the number of power points i had on the hero. Previously, a hero can only have six power maxed (20 points to max). The powers had been reset and i was rebuilding my hero and after putting points into the usual skills, i notice i had alot of points left. Enough to max another 1 more power and bring another power close to max. By my count, the total number of power points possible for each hero is now 162.

Which got me really excited. All those passive skills which i had only as one point wonders for lack of points, can now be maxed.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.


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