What is DPS and Crit?

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Another term that get used rather frequently in games is DPS. What is DPS?

DPS is the acronym for the phrase Damage Per Second. Basically it’s the measure of how much damage your character can dish out in a second. Hence higher DPS results in killing things quicker.

What is Crit? In many games that have a dps component, there is usually a crit (Critical Strike Chance) component. This is usually defined as a chance to deal a percentage more damage for every attack. Although this definition can be applied to majority of the games that has crit component, it is not the only way to implement crit. It is not inconceivable for the crit chance to be tested for with certain requirements.

Although crits are dependent on crit chance, a probability, it is should not be viewed as a random property. Crit is often better depicted as a function of dps, and rightly so because the mathematics support it.

As an example, say you dps is 100, and you have a 50% crit chance to deal double damage. That would mean that 50% of the time, you would deal 100 damage and the other 50% of the time you would deal double damage. The effective dps on average would then be (0.5 x 100) + (0.5 x 200) = 150.

With this understanding of crit damage, then we’re in a better position to evaluate equipment that offers different bonuses. Would adding more to base damage or more to crit chance or more to crit damage add more to our overall effective dps?

Using the previous example, let’s say we have 3 piece of equipment:

Tool Dps +20% Dps, +10% Crit Chance, +10% Crit Damage
Tool Chance +10% Dps, +20% Crit Chance, +10% Crit Damage
Tool CritDmg +10% Dps, +10% Crit Chance, +20% Crit Damage

Which tool would maximize effective dps?

Tool Dps (0.4 x 120) + (0.6 x 252) = 199.2
Tool Chance (0.3 x 110) + (0.7 x 231) = 194.7
Tool CritDmg (0.4 x 110) + (0.6 x 242) = 189.2

Hence in this scenario, Tool Dps was the most effective in increasing effective dps.

The math for effective dps calculation is not hard, and knowing the math for it enables you to maximize the effectiveness of your game characters.

Geek Generation out.


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