Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

Curse of Naxxramas’s Plague Quarter is out. I’ve managed to play through the normal mode and here’s a brief overview of how i fared. Noth the Plaguebringer’s power is a passive ability that summons a 1/1 skeleton on his side whenever one of your minions die. Reverted to my default strategy against stream of 1/1s on the enemy’s side; play my mage deck.

Turns out that Noth plays Acolyte of Pain which makes my own Acolytes of Pain and Arcane Missiles a kind of liability. Noth also has secrets, some of which are Counterspell. So take care to feed some useless (less useful) spell when there are unverified secrets active.


There’s also a secret that gives Noth 2 copies of a minion that died. So remember to shoot a skeleton first before attempting to kill any Flesheating Ghoul, or even Necroknights. Noth also has atleast 2 Plagues, which are 6 mana spells that destroy all minions except skeletons. Necroknight’s drawback has not much impact on Noth since the other minions all around the knights are usually tiny 1/1 bones that comes for free.

Heigan the Unclean’s power is to deal 2 damage to your left-most minion for only 1 mana. A very powerful power similar to Faerlina except that Heigan’s power doesn’t fizzle out when you play all your cards.

I had to reconstruct my Druid deck back to the big minion deck as i had changed it earlier into a small minion deck to try out Nerubian Eggs. Turns out that Heigan plays a rather aggressive deck, because the developers know everyone wants to play big minion decks against Heigan.


Also, Heigan plays with Faceless Manipulator. So imagine the horror when the Manipulator copies my Venture Co. Mercenary, kills mine, and my best play on the next turn was Ancient of War, which was 1 damage short for killing the Mercenary.

But Heigan’s juice runs out fast and i managed to secure the win with 3 health left.

Loatheb’s power is a better version of Hunter’s power. It does 3 damage to your hero for only 2 mana, which effectively puts you in a 6 turn clock. Loatheb has the coin, so the bleed starts on turn 1. Not counting life gain and armor, you don’t to play turn 7.

So i decided to go with my Beast Hunter deck which sometimes can win games by turn 6. Against a 20 health enemy that is. The giggles.. Loatheb begins the game with 75 health.

And then Loathheb had this 0/1 Spore minion thingy which has a deathrattle effect that gives other minions +8 attack.


I was like woah.. better not kill this thing. Until i killed one accidentally and realized that i misread the card. The deathrattle effect gives all my minions +8 attack instead. Suddenly, Unleash the Hounds’s 1/1 puppies were 9/1 doom wargs. No elaboration required on how the game went.

Geek Generation out.


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