Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas, Military Quarter

Hello everybody, Geek Generation is here to report on the Curse of Naxxramas’s Military Wing’s normal mode.

The first boss is Instructor Razuvious. At first glance, i thought the hero power was the same as Loatheb’s. That was until it killed one of my minions with it that i realized that it was an improved version of Mage’s ability, which is even more awesome than Loatheb’s.

Instructor Razuvious is the first time on Normal that i did not win on the first try. My first attempt was with evolved Warlock Zoo, and the second attempt was with Hunter Beasts, which fared even worse, since Warlock Zoo got Razuvious down to 2 health while Hunter Beasts didn’t even come close.

Instructor Razuvious begins the game with 40 health and two 0/7 Understudy with Taunt, which you can gain control of with the Mind Control Stone that you begin with a Mind Control Crystal. You should play Mind Control Crystal on the first turn even if you have a one drop minion, because any small minion you play on turn 1 will be easily killed off with Razuvious’s hero power. The Understudys act as a meat shield.

Instructor Razuvious has several Brawl, which is ok as long as your minion is the one that comes out of the fight alive.


The most deadly thing Instructor Razuvious has is the Massive Runesword, which can hit you for 10 damage (and it will know to race you with it). If you haven’t controlled the Understudys and haven’t played anything by turn 3, Razuvious will likely hit you for 10).

So my strategy was: when in doubt, play big Taunting minions in Druid.

Gothik the Harvester wasn’t as hard as Instructor Razuvious on normal mode. I played Warlock Zoo against it and didn’t encounter any board clears.

Spectral_Trainee Spectral_Warrior Spectral_Rider

Gothik has a series of Unrelenting minions, whose Deathrattle effect is to let them haunt you in their Spectral forms. You lose 1 health at the beginning of the turn for each Spectral minion under your control.

Having 1 Spectral minion is ok. I even pumed it up Shatterd Sun Cleric to continue the beats. I reasoned that Gothik will have to kill it for me eventually. But having more than 1 Spectral minion under your control is no joke. The life loss accumulates quickly.

The last boss is called The Four Horsemen. The hero is Baron Rivendare whose hero ability is nothing like the card Baron Rivendare. The hero power is to draw 2 cards for 5 mana, which makes it a late game ability. Which it is. Almost every card in Baron Rivendare’s deck is a removal. Delaying the game will only make it harder for minions to stay alive on the board.

Lady_Blaumeux Sir_Zeliek Thane_Korth'azz

Although Baron Rivendare begins with only 7 health, he also begins with three 1/7 horsemen that grants the Baron invulnerability as long as they’re alive.

If you got one of the horsemen down to 1 health, kill it as quickly as possible, because Baron Rivendare is playing with the new Paladin secret that can give a minion +3/+2, which might spoil your plans you had for the 1 health horseman.

I played Warlock Zoo, which proved futile against the superior draw and board control of Baron Rivendare. Then i played big Taunting minions Druid.

It was only when i drew into Keeper of the Grove that i realized that the Horsemen can be Silenced. Isn’t there a Priest card that can Silence all minions? Food for thought eh?

Geek Generation out.


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