Hearthstone: Gothik the Harvester (Heroic)

Geek Generation here, reporting attempt on heroic Gothik the Harvester.

Harvest Wild_Growth

Gothik begins the game with 45 health and his hero power has changed to costing only 1 mana with the additional benefit of gaining 1 mana crystal. I’m betting that many of us did not realize that Wild Growth actually specified empty mana crystal. So not only is Gothik accelerating his mana like crazy, he’s doing it for free. Together with the Coin card, it can result in some unbeatable plays. So don’t get discouraged if you keep getting trounced by this zoo-ish boss.

I tried my hand at Shaman with a package of Lightning Storm and Bloodlust. The idea was to destroy his side of the board, fill my side with Spectral minions, and Bloodlust for the win. The biggest problem with this was that Lightning Storm was usually short of spell power by one or two to wipe out the other side. Also, Shaman decks tend to fill up with lots of Overload spells. The loss of mana on the next turn is too drastic against a zoo deck with such fast mana acceleration. Even if Lightning Storm managed to wipe out the other side, Gothik will just resummon another hoard and there’s nothing to be done about it when your mana is Overloaded.

Poison_Seeds Power_of_the_Wild Savage_Roar

So i tried it again with Druid, using the same strategy. Clear board and buff my side of the board. Poison Seeds also have the additional benefit of turning my Spectral minions into treants to help stop the bleed. After several tries, the one time Gothik didn’t have Corruption for my Ancient of Wars was my win. While the Poison Seeds, Power of the Wild and Savage Roar did help alot in turning the tide, it still came down to Ancient of Wars performing the beatdown.

Geek Generation out.

Edit: Forgot to include the deck list.

2 x Innervate
2 x Claw
2 x Mark of the Wild
2 x Power of the Wild
2 x Savage Roar
2 x Poison Seeds
2 x Swipe

2 x Haunted Creeper
2 x Nerubian Egg
2 x Earthen Ring Farseer
1 x Mind Control Tech
2 x Chillwind Yeti
2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Keeper of the Grove
2 x Druid of the Claw
2 x Ancient of War


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  1. that is a 31 card deck.

  2. Ah.. it’s 31 card.. I must have made a mistake when i copied the deck from Hearthstone into notepad by assuming that i played two copies of one of the card. Looking at the decklist, i think i played only one copy of Claw.

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