Hearthstone: Instructor Razuvious (Heroic)

This is Geek Generation’s report on heroic Instructor Razuvious’s attempt.

Massive_Runeblade_Heroic Acidic_Swamp_Ooze

The first thing to note is that Razuvious’s health is now 55. That’s 10 more than the usual heroic heroes. The next thing to note is that Razuvious’ hero power now deals 4 damage for only 1 mana. Since it’s not one of those 0 mana power, Razuvious is quite intelligent in using the ability. The last and most important thing to note is that Razuvious has sharpened his sword to a whopping 10 power. The darn thing hits your hero for 20 damage which makes Spiteful Smith the least of your worries.

After several failed iterations of Druid and Priest, i decided that Acidic Swamp Ooze is a necessary inclusion into the deck. We simply cannot let the weapon swing more than once. This, together with a prayer that Razuvious does not have the weapon when you run out of Taunts on the board. Because if the weapon were to hit you even once, it puts you into range of losing via Razuvious’s hero power.

After a couple attempts on Razuvious with the Acidic Swamp Ooze Priest, the prayer worked and Razuvious didn’t draw and Runeblades when my board was empty of Taunting minions. The following was my deck list.

2 x Circle of Healing
2 x Inner Fire
2 x Power Word: Shield
2 x Shadow Word: Pain
2 x Thoughtsteal
2 x Holy Fire

2 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 x Sunfury Protector
2 x Injured Blademaster
2 x Chillwind Yeti
2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Darkscale Hunter
1 x Loatheb
1 x Stampeding Kodo
2 x Boulderfist Ogre
1 x Maexxna
2 x Sunwalker


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