Hearthstone: The Four Horsemen (Heroic)

Geek Generation here wrapping up the last of the Military Quarter.


Baron Rivendare begins the game with double the amount of health, 14 health. The three other horsemen have their attack doubled to 2/7 each. Hero power remains the same. But the biggest change is in Baron Rivendare’s runeblade, which can hit for 8 damage when all the other Horsemen are dead. Though it’s not as deadly as Razuvious’s Massive Runeblade, it’s still one big flarking (quote Rocket Raccoon) sword. For this reason, it would be best to Silence the last horseman rather than kill it. But the AI is intelligent enough to kill it’s own Horseman to attack with the Runeblade on subsequent turns once you’ve Silenced the last Horseman.


If you played Doomsayer, Kel’Thuzad would tell you something like, “Doomsayer! You think you’re so clever.” and then your Doomsayer disappears without a trace. Oh well.. i thought i was clever : D


The play is simple. If your beginning hand is not Mind Vision, Shadow Word Pain or Acidic Swamp Ooze; mulligan the cards. Pray very hard to draw all copies of Shadow Word Pain and Acidic Swamp Ooze and since i didn’t put Achenai Soulpriests in, i had to pray to draw all copies of Holy Smite and Holy Fire as well and be lucky enough to get atleast 1 hit in with the Darkscale Healer because Baron Rivendare had been gaining health.

2 x Silence
2 x Holy Smite
2 x Mind Vision
2 x Power Word: Shield
2 x Shadow Word: Pain
2 x Holy Nova
2 x Holy Fire

2 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Amani Berserker
2 x Iron Owl
2 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Earthen Ring Farseer
2 x Spellbreaker
2 x Darkscale Healer
1 x Stampeding Kodo
1 x Cabal Shadow Priest

Cya for the Construct Quarter, bye. Geek Generation out.


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