Hearthstone: Dancing Swords, second thoughts

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.


Previously, i mentioned that i thought Dancing Swords was really powerful. I’ve since put in some games trying to make use of Dancing Swords and felt that it was somewhat lacking when used in slower decks.

The biggest problem stem from the opponent having a minion that’s bigger than Dancing Swords; something like a 4/5 Chillwind Yeti. And if the result was that i had to trade with Dancing Swords; due to the Deathrattle draw, there would be no loss of card advantage at all for the opponent while i would have to use something extra for that additional point of damage to kill the Chillwind Yeti. So in decks where there are no other early drops or if you draw Dancing Swords really late in the game, it tends to be kind of bad.

But all is not lost with Dancing Swords. Dancing Swords is pretty good if you’ve got lots of cheap aggro minions that costs 1 or 2 mana like in Warlock zoo. I’ve been using them in place of Dark Iron Dwarf. While that means the Nerubian Eggs are less likely to crack open, the cheaper mana costs allowed me to really push with the aggro.

The crowd’s favorite was Nerubian Egg. Even mages were playing with the Egg, shooting it down themselves. Everywhere, if there’s any kind of beatdown, here’s bound to be Nerubian Egg in the deck. Sludge Belcher appears in late game decks.

Haunted Creeper.. i don’t know why people play with Haunted Creeper. I’ve never bothered with it or feel intimidated when the opponent plays it. The only use i see in it is that it’s a Beast and can usually live on the board long enough to be buffed by Houndmaster. Well.. i don’t know how other players play against it. I’ve always ignored it and it would eventually pop itself into two. I guess it probably requires Undertaker for it to become slightly better.

I’ve also seen Voidcaller and Webspinners. Webspinners suffer the same fate as Haunted Creeper. It gets ignored all too often and if it gets buffed, it’s other ability suffer collateral damage from Silence mechanics.


The card that i was really surprised to see was Deathlord. I thought the card would never see the light of day. But the Deathlord is a really excellent aggro stopper. If you Silence away the Taunt, you don’t get the Deathrattle benefit. If you attempt to kill it.. well.. 8 health is pretty tough. Especially if it’s owned by a Priest.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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