Hearthstone: Construct Quarter

Hello everybody, Geek Generation is back for the Construct Quarter.

Construct Quarter has four bosses instead of three.

When i read Patchwerk’s power, which was to destroy a minion of its choosing for 4 mana, i automatically thought of Shaman and Paladin, which could put out a minion for only 2 mana. Surely the minion efficiency would win me the game.


It turns out that Pathwerk doesn’t draw any cards and begins the game with a 5/8 weapon, called Hook, that doesn’t go away. Hook has Deathrattle: Put this weapon into your hand; so Patchwerk will always have a Hook in its hand. Or maybe Patchwerk has a hook instead of a hand since it’s a patchwork of stuff. Maybe Patchwerk is a Pirate : D

I got lucky with my Shaman and manage to win right before Patchwerk swings at me for my last 5 health. I can already imagine what the heroic version is going to be like. Maybe 10/8 Hook with 60 health.

I also can envision the deck to contain Sunfury Protector, Defender of Argus, Haunted Creeper, Nerubian Egg and Sludge Belcher. Maybe Charge and Stealth minions are good too.

In any case, onward to the next boss, Grobbulus. Grobbulus power is to deal 1 damage to all minions and summons a 2/2 slime if any dies. I decicded to go with Priest since i would then be able to heal stuff.

The first round Grobbulus went like third turn Dancing Swords into turn 4 Mutating Injection which is to give a minion +4/+4 and Taunt. Drawing neither Silence nor Shadow Word: Death, i lost quickly.

Tried again with the same deck and managed to outlast Grobbulus.


The third boss was called Gluth with the ability to cast Equality as its power. Equality is an absoultely awesome spell. I decided to go with Warlock Zoo. If they’re going to have 1 health, might as well use minions that begin with 1 health.

Turns out Warlock is good against Gluth because Zombie Chow sustains your card draws. Anyway, i almost lost the game because i was so excited after drawing Doomguard on turn 8 that i forgot about the drawback of discarding 2 cards ><

The last boss is Thaddius. Thaddius’s power is to Swap attack and health of all minions, which is also an awesome ability. Except that it would have been awesome if it weren’t a zero mana ability. Zero mana abilities thus far in Curse of Naxxramas seem to mean that the ability operates more like an environmental event rather than a hero power. It’s always activated at the beginning of the opponent’s turn regardless of benefit or loss of opportunity.

It was pretty easy to use the ability swapping to my benefit. I played Warlock Zoo and didn’t get to see Feugan or Stalagg throughout the whole game.

Be back


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