Hearthstone: Patchwerk (Heroic)

Geek Generation here, i just managed to scrap a win against heroic Patchwerk; here’s the report.


Patchwerk’s upgraded weapon has less damage per hit, but has Windfury this time round. At 2 hits per turn, it’s a 3 turn clock without any intervention. Patchwerk’s health is at 45, which is alot even if it’s the usual heroic heroes’s health because at turn 4 onward, Patchwerk starts killing off your best minion at nearly every turn.

At first, i followed my own advice, to play Sludge Belcher Druid, which was a terrible idea. Against Patchwerk, 5 mana is just way too costly. Even when i managed to get it out on turn 3 via Innervate, the rest of the deck was just too mana bulky to be effective.

In one of the games, Captain Patchwerk managed to swing his evil twisted metal 8 times. It was only at that point of time that i realize that Hook goes back to hand and not into play. How dumb could i be >< Acidic Swamp Ooze to the rescue.

Next up, i used a Paladin Deathrattle deck. But even at 4 mana, Defenders of Argus were just way too slow. I had to drop the Deathrattle idea and load the entire deck full of one drops. And since i had only one copy of Sunfury Protector, i had to luck into it for the win.

2 x Blessing of Might
2 x Blessing of Wisdom
2 x Eye for an Eye
1 x Noble Sacrifice
2 x Redemption
2 x Holy Light

2 x Abusive Sergeant
2 x Bloodsail Corsair
2 x Leper Gnome
2 x Secretkeeper
2 x Voodoo Doctor
2 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
2 x Dire Wold Alpha
2 x Knife Juggler
1 x Sunfury Protector
2 x Earthen Ring Farseer

The thing about Bloodsail Corsair is that Patchwerk hits only once at turn 4 which easily translates into 4 health. Though the best play available is still Acidic Swamp Ooze on either turn 1 via the Coin or turn 3.

Turn 1 is obvious since it will result in Patchwerk doing nothing on turn 2, which is a huge thing (8 life). It works on turn 3 too because that forces Patchwerk to play the weapon on turn 4 instead of destroying one of your minions. While that doesn’t give you more time in terms of health, it helps you with pushing for damage.

Geek Generation out.


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