Hearthstone: Good Cards for Basic Deck

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.

This post is mainly for players new to Hearthstone. I’ve been playing on the other servers to unlock the first wing of Curse of Naxxramas and along the way, i decided to complete 2 of the starter quests, which is to play a total of 1+3 games in Play mode. I thought i would be utterly smashed but it turns out that at rank 25, there were decks that requires some deck clinic.

So you’re starting out, your collection consists of only basic cards, what cards would be best to include in your deck?


First of all, do not play Goldshire Footman. If you really want a 1 drop, play Voodoo Doctor. Voodoo Doctor can start the beats when played on turn 1, and it can heal your other minions when drawn late game.

River_CrocoliskRazorfen_Hunter Ironfur_Grizzly

Next up, include your bread and butter meat. Their purpose is to start dealing the early damage while trading and absorbing your opponent’s board control cards. The first thing to note is that these minions are all 3 health, with Razorfen Hunter bringing an extra to the board.

Why River Crocolisk instead of Bloodfen Raptor (3/2), you might ask. Doesn’t Bloodfen Raptor do more damage? I made an earlier post regarding the comparison, you can read it here. The basic idea is that River Crocolisk is more likely to stay alive on the board than Bloodfen Raptor. A minion that’s alive can continue to attack.

Shattered_Sun_Cleric Wolfrider

Then add in the utility cards. Shattered Sun Cleric is great because of its flexibility. It can help you kill a minion that you would otherwise be short by 1 damage, or it could help your minion survive an opponent’s hero power for a turn. 

A set of Charge minions are important as it helps to mess up with the damage math making your deck less predictable for your opponent.


Lastly, the minions that will help you seal the game.

Last but not least, your deck is going to be weaker than most of your other opponents. As such you’ll have to play a really tight game and make as little mistakes as possible. But do not be discouraged. In one game with my basic deck, where i don’t even have Flamestrike, i managed to beat a deck that had golden Gelbin Mekkatorque and golden King Krush.

Play tight, and with a little luck, you’ll win the day. Geek Generation out.

Edit: I forgot to say this: Play as many class cards as possible. They’re usually stronger than a comparable neutral card.


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