Hearthstone: Sapphiron (Heroic)

Geek Generation here.

Heroic Sapphiron took me by surprise when i went into the match only to realize that Frozen Champion is missing in the heroic mode. So this time, the deck really needs to have only spells, Deathrattle minions and Charge minions. Heroic Sapphiron has 45 health.


The most important thing to take note in the match against Sapphiron is Pure Cold. If Sapphiron draws both its Pure Cold, the game is likely lost. When playing against Sapphiron, always avoid damage as much as allowed by the deck’s strategy such that you can take atleast one Pure Cold and still live.

2 x Arcane Shot
2 x Explosive Trap
2 x Misdirection
2 x Snipe
1 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Deadly Shot
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds

2 x Timber Wolf
2 x Haunted Creeper
1 x Ironbeak Owl
2 x Mad Scientist
2 x Nerubian Egg
2 x Starving Buzzard
2 x Wolfrider
1 x Baron Rivendare
1 x Explosive Shot

The first thing to note about this deck is that it has only one Eaglehorn Bow and only one Ironbeak Owl to protect it from Skeletal Smiths. The match which i won, i didn’t really draw the Nerubian Eggs, Baron Rivendare package. The Nerubian Eggs, Baron Rivendare combo requires way too many cards and too much mana to pull off and is easily disrupted by a single Blizzard. It would’ve been better to trade them out for more Silence and Charge mechanics.

I didn’t include Feugen and Stalagg in the deck for the same reason why i don’t like Nerubian Eggs and Baron Rivendare in the deck. It requires too many cards and too much mana for a chance of hitting with an 11/11 which is also easily disrupted by Blizzard.

It took me quite a while to learn to play my own deck. Mulligan strategy is to shuffle away all late game cards like Kill Command, Timber Wolf, Starving Buzzard, Unleash the Hounds. The best starting hand is to have the secrets, Mad Scientists, and maybe Wolfriders or Arcane Shot. 

Turns 2 and 3 should be spent playing Steady Shot because playing Mad Scientist on turn 2 is bad. The reason is that if Explosive Trap is pulled from the deck, it would be a wasted as it would likely hit only a single enemy minion. Even puling Snipe on turn 2 is bad as Sapphiron usually spend the first few turns playing small minions which you would prefer to hope to clear with Explosive Trap. As far as possible, Steady Shot should be played every turn. 

Of course, to win the match, there’s the requirement of element of luck. For example, Deadly Shot should always manage to hit Necroknights. When you play Starving Buzzard into Timber Wolves, you should always draw Unleash the Hounds. Sapphiron should always fail to draw the second Pure Cold. All of which would be impossible without the element of luck on your side.

Geek Generation out.


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  1. Wow, this paragraph is nice, my younger sister is
    analyzing these things, thus I am going to let know her.

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