Path of Exile: Rampage League (First Character)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

Path of Exile released its new 3 month challenge league quite recently and i decided to return to the game to try it out. In Rampage league, characters get additional damage effects when they accumulate kill streak. So far, new stuff on the challenge leagues have been added to the standard league when the challenge league ends, which makes me wonder if the kill streak effect is going to be added to standard league too. Or maybe it’ll be added as a keystone in the passive tree.

I’m playing a Scion name Rainie_Ying, which is supposed to sound somewhat like raining. So the build is to use Rain of Arrows, it’s raining men arrows! I also liked the idea of setting mobs on fire, so the idea is to use fire damage. Gems would go something like:
 – Anger
 – Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Life Leech – Chance to Ignite / Increased Burning Damage
 – Burning Arrow – Added Fire Damage – Fire Penetration
 – Arctic Armour (nice, it’s spelled with a u)

I don’t plan beyond 4 links since those equips are so hard to find/make.

Ranie_Ying’s passive tree currently looks like this at the moment. 

IronReflexes EldritchBattery

The character is at around level 28 at the moment. The first thing i did was to make a beeline for Iron Reflexes, side stepping into the +10 Str and +10 Dex node first, since i wanted to use a shortbow asap. The node’s going to be refunded after the initial Dex boost. After that was to head up to Eldritch Battery, which doesn’t do much for Rainie at the moment since all the armor are still evasion armor.

The thing i like about Scion is its relative ease of heading to keystones. The only problem is the keystones on Murauder’s side, like Avatar of Fire. The path to it is extremely convoluted. At first, i thought of getting Avatar of Fire too, then i could do 100% fire damage with a good rolled Blackgleam, but i gave up the idea as that would mean i would be spending alot of levels travelling on the passive tree.

Things are still looking good, but i’m kind of over leveled since i kept doing low level areas to look for the new masters. I guess the next step would be to travel down to 3 more keystones Vaal Pact, Iron Grip, Unwavering Stance, grabbing +Str nodes along the way to boost life.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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