Path of Exile: Rampage League (Level 40)

Hello everybody, G33k Generation here.


I’ve managed to get Rainie Ying to level 40. This is Ranie’s passive tree at level 40.

Along the way to Unwavering Stance, i decided to grab a couple notables near Iron Reflexes. I still haven’t gotten Iron Grip though, which would give a pretty nice damage boost. The next 10 levels will probably be dedicated to grabbing the critical strike nodes (more burning), King of the Hill, near Iron Reflexes and the mana nodes and life/ES (Energy Shield) nodes that are along the path to Eldritch Battery from Scion.

I’ll be staying from nodes that increase evasion, namely because one of the pieces of armor is going to be Armor/ES, because i would want red sockets for Cast on Damage Taken – Enduring Cry package. 

Currently skill sets are as follows:
Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Chance to Ignite
Burning Arrow – Vaal Burning Arrow – Added Fire Damage
Arctic Armour
Decoy Totem

I’m thinking of ditching Chance to Ignite once i have decent critical strike chance.

The thing about Arctic Armour at low level is that there’s simply not enough mana and mana regen to sustain mobility. So most of the time play would be something like; run to mobs, activate Arctic Armour, shoot mobs, deactivate Arctic Armour and move on. It’s not very fluid combat, but it will have to be like that until there’s more enough mana for the reservation of Discipline and Clarity (with Reduced Mana support). 

The thing about Discipline is that unless you’re at very high level of play, the mana received from Discipline would usually be less than the amount reserved. But it would still be a good aura to have because of the way mana regen is calculated. The more max mana you have, the higher the mana regen. Discipline becomes an Arctic Armour mobility enabler for Eldritch Battery builds.

Geek Generation out.


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