Path of Exile: Rampage League (Level 50)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I’ve managed to get Rainie Ying to level 50. I mentioned previously that i wanted the mana nodes north of Scion. But instead, i decided to go toward the mana nodes at Ranger’s start point. That would put me nearer to the mana reservation nodes, which offers a whopping 12% reduction.

The character, as it is, is pretty weak. Big burst damage kills Rainie rather quickly. I’m guessing it’s because of the armor she’s wearing, since it’s Eva/ES armor; the effective armor is around half that of a normal armor character. So i’m thinking of grabbing the increase armor nodes near Iron Grip.

Rainie’s dps is also rather weak and has problems two problems with killing stuff. Mobs with life regen that deals chaos damage  or has huge bursts are a problem. The other problem is Rainie simply cannot win against Vagan’s timed missions. Or Vorici’s timed missions. These missions are a serious check on dps and tankiness to dish out dps. 

So i’m down to the last 15 levels to fix Rainie Ying, i hope i don’t screw it up. See Rainie’s level 50 passive tree here.

Anyway, i thought i show a screenshot of the currency in my stash.


I do have quite abit of Chromatic Orbs for the amount of time i spent playing Path of Exile. The reason for this is that i’ve been checking every NPC vendor for triple color linked equips to resell (you get a chromatic orb for selling an equip that has all 3 color sockets linked together) after leveling every time.

This checking of every NPC vendor is most certainly immersion breaking as i waypoint through the towns of every act, but you get to start hoarding Chromatic Orbs early. That also means i need to stock up on Transmutation Orbs (selling blue equips without identifying) as NPC vendors sometimes sell their wares for Transmutation Orbs.

I’ve also been stashing quality equips to sell them for Blacksmith’s Whetstone and Armorer’s Scrap. What can i say.. i’m a pack rat.

Alchemy Orbs are rather low because i’ve been using them to buy quality gems from the masters. Even if you don’t use the gems, you should buy them anyway to resell them for Gemcutter’s Prism once you’ve hit 40% quality. It’s a form of trading up for your currency.

Geek Generation out.


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