Regarding Support Tickets

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

A couple days ago, i was playing Path of Exile and was in a party to help clear Merveil. After killing the boss, i went back into town thinking of leaving the party. So i brought up the “Social” window and click the Leave button. What i didn’t realize was that i was on the wrong tab of the Social window.

Instead of leaving my party, i ended up leaving my own Guild (one man guild). At that time, i didn’t realize that my friend was also in the guild and as such i thought i had permanently lost my guild and with it, the guild stash which i had bought with real life money.

It reminded me of an incident in Guild Wars 2. A friend had bought, using in game currency, two ascended trinkets of the same name not realizing that they had a stat called “unique” which prevented them from being used on the same character. He submitted a ticket explaining the situation.

What surprised me was that Anet, Guild Wars 2’s company, refunded the extra trinket for my friend. So i decided to take a lesson from my friend’s incident; asking nicely might get what we want, even if the developers don’t really have to help.

After a couple of email exchanges with GGG, Path of Exile’s company, i was offered a guild stash for my new guild. By then, through the email exchanges, i realized that my friend was still in the old guild and that the guild stash was still existent in the game and recoverable by getting my friend to reinvite me into the guild.

So i declined the guild stash for the new guild, coz if i didn’t, that would be me cheating, in a way. 

As of now, i still remain in my new guild without a guild stash, because my friends have stopped playing so there was no real need for a guild stash; i had originally bought it so it was easier for us to transfer items to each other. 

All in all, i’m pretty satisfied with how GGG handled the issue, i think they did a pretty fine job. Props to GGG and Anet (for helping my friend back then).

Geek Generation out.


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