Path of Exile: Rampage League (Level 55)

Hello everyone, Geek Generation here.

When i finally got Rainie Ying into Merciless difficulty, i thought i would farm the Ledge for awhile to level up the character. But then i discovered that Rainie was way too squishy. Just about any thing coming at her can get her killed. It was practically unplayable.

I decided to swap out my pieces of Evasion/ES armor for full Evasion armor. That got my armor from 1000+ to 1600+. Together with the life nodes near Pain Attunement and life granting equips, i managed to push Rainie’s life from 1300+ to 1700+ which made Rainie playable again in Merciless Act 1.

While this means i have less mana, it’s still not too bad as at the moment i’m only running Clarity. I haven’t found Anger plus even with Discipline, the mana regen is still not enough to support Arctic Armour mobility.

Rainie needs more life, more mana for Arctic Armour and also heading down to Mind over Matter when i have more mana, reduced mana reservation for more auras, more armour nodes for swapping back to Evasion/ES armor, more crit for more fire.. to sum it up, Rainie needs more of everything ><

I’m wondering whether the “need more of everything” issue is due to me heading straight for several keystones. Maybe if i took my time getting there and took all the nodes along the way instead i won’t have this problem. Maybe, i’m not sure.

In any case, here’s the skill tree at level 55.

Gems currently are as follows.
[Arctic Armour]
[Conversion Trap]
[Reduced Mana – Clarity]

[Burning Arrow – Vaal Burning Arrow – Added Fire Damage]
I have the link to a red socket, but still haven’t found any Fire Penetration.

[Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Life Leech – Increased Critical Damage – Faster Projectiles]
I would’ve prefer Increased Critical Strikes to Increased Critical Damage at this point of time because my critical chance is rather low. But i don’t have the gem. Faster Projectiles is ok, but i’d prefer Weapon Elemental Damage, but it’s hard to get that many red sockets in Evasion armor.

[Cast When Damage Taken – Enduring Cry – Decoy Totem]
Cast When Damage Taken is fixed at level 1 so that it procs more often. Enduring Cry at level 5 and Decoy Totem at level 8 so that they can proc of a level 1 Cast When Damage Taken.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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