Hearthstone: Thoughts on Priest Highlander

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I posted a deck list on Priest Highlander earlier. I’ve since played a couple more games with the deck. The deck did rather badly early in the week. But then later on, it managed to do much better with more wins than losses. I’m not too sure what was up with the deck.

One of the factors could be because it is a Highlander deck. While sometimes, the deck might seem to have an answer to almost every situation, the other side of the unpredictability coin is that sometimes, the deck feels like drawing blanks after blanks. 

I think the chance of winning depends pretty much on the opponent not catching on to the deck’s format. If you played a Holy Nova, it will only work to your advantage if your opponent doesn’t know you don’t have any more Holy Nova rather than if your opponent knew you had only exactly one Holy Nova.

Another factor could be that it was rank reset early in the week. That could mean more of better players and better decks could be playing at rank 20. But i’m a little skeptical about this factor, since players begins begin with bonus stars at the start of the season. Surely high ranking players from previous month wouldn’t be playing at rank 20.

In any case, the worst card in the deck, i found out, was Shadowform. In my opinion, Shadowform only works in really aggressive Priest decks rather than the more common slower variations. I imagine every time i play Shadowform my opponent would heave a sigh of relief as i could no longer heal in the game (unless via minions).

Geek Generation out.


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