Path of Exile: Rampage League (Level 60)

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

While leveling Rainie Ying to level 60, i stumbled upon a unique armor, the Ambu’s Charge.


While Ambu’s Charge’s Endurance Charges abilities does nothing for me, I decided to use the armor anyway because it gave me a higher Armour and ES rating; i was using crappy pick up equips that were several levels old.

After using Ambu’s Charge for awhile, i looked at my character and realized that Evasion armor wasn’t very useful for Rainie. The reason is that most of the sockets required by Rainie was red as she was mostly using fire gems. So it made more sense to use Armour/ES armors rather than Evasion/ES armors, just for ease of rolling red sockets.

Another thing with Rainie was that once i’ve gotten Heart of Oak (life node near Ranger), which gave her “1% of Life Regenerated per Second”, Rainie had an easier time fighting mobs. The life regen helped quite abit, which makes me rethink about going for Vaal Pact in the later levels.

For most of the last 5 levels, i’ve concentrated on getting mana and mana regen. While i still can’t switch on Arctic Armour on the move permanently, i could still leave it on for most of the time. The regen and amount of non-reserved mana was enough to sustain one screen’s worth of movement.

The damage is really pathetic at the moment, i’m still trying to find a 4 link equip to link Herald of Ash to the Reduced Mana support gem. Speaking of Herald of Ash, for a long while, i thought that it was a spell gem. It was only very recently when i decided that i wanted to see what Herald of Ash looked like that i realized it was an aura gem. And only for 25% reservation. 

Passive tree at level 60.

I’ve swapped Life Leech for Life Gain on Hit. Gems are as follows:
[Arctic Armour]
[Conversion Trap]
[Reduced Mana – Discipline – Clarity]
[Burning Arrow – Vaal Burning Arrow – Added Fire Damage – Life Leech]
[Rain of Arrows – Added Fire Damage – Life Gain on Hit] (Alot lesser support until i can get sockets and links into Ambu’s Charge)
[Cast on Damage Taken – Enduring Cry – Decoy Totem – Molten Shell]

Speaking of Cast on Damage Taken, with the addition of Molten Shell, which gave alot more animation and sound, i realized that my Cast on Damage Taken was activating almost back to back. Since Cast on Damage Taken has a quarter second cooldown, i thought i might be able to level up Cast on Damage Taken gem a little without compromising too much. That would allow me to level up the supported gems a little.

I’m thinking of leveling Cast on Damage Taken to level 7, that would double the amount of damage required to activate.

So much for now, Geek Generation out.


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